Reality Equinox


Are emotions material?

Where is the line that separates physical from spiritual?

Can hate kill? Does fear really produce indescribable monsters from the darkest fogs of our imaginations? Can love really form an unconquerable bond that overcomes all?

If unleashed, could pure imagination make or destroy worlds?

Were the deepest, most secret halls and corridors of our minds brought to light and set free — thoughts, feelings, memories, fears and dreads — what would happen? What creations would be made? What messages would be communicated that would have otherwise remained silent?


What unspeakable horrors would be composed from emotion and imagination and thrust into reality?

Or are they already here? Is this even reality? What really is reality? Is it what we see or what we feel? Is there a difference? 

Too many questions? Do you really want to know the answers? 

Feeling nervous?

Beware your emotions; if this weren’t reality, they could kill you.

Or is this reality?

What if we’re the ghosts?