Flipside of the World


Everyone has their opinions about the world. Most people tend to be pretty set in their thoughts. Writers are no different, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Opinions are like faces: everyone has one, no two people’s are the same, and not everyone is going to like yours.

For many writers, the crafting of their work is the only outlet for their outlook on the world, their ideals instinctively being ingrained into the words and actions of their characters.

However, without opposition, there can be no conflict. Without conflict, therein rarely lies any remarkable story. To make a story truly complete, a writer cannot fail to delve into the opinions and beliefs of those that directly oppose his own. It is impossible to show a set of beliefs to be in the right without offering another up for comparison. Someone who is too set in his own ways to hear the thoughts of others is blind. Someone who is too afraid to face an argument that could put his beliefs in doubt or up for debate is a coward and not himself convinced of the things he professes.

I believe that a good writer cannot afford to be either of these things.

Exploring the world from every facet is one of the most important jobs that a writer takes on. It is our job to explore the places that others rarely go and question the things that others take for granted as fact. It is our place to turn reality on its side and ask the hard questions. What if gravity went up? What really makes the bumps in the night? What if the greatest world-held truth turned out to be an elaborate lie?

People may call us crazy, but we will see things that they will never dream of.