Arnold’s Rules of Success

I know not everyone is an Arnold Schwarzenegger fan, but I also think that good words are good words, no matter who says them.



So often, whether in writing or in career or just life in general, people want a step guide to success. They want a way to be rich and famous that’s already planned out for them. They think they’re willing to do what it takes to be successful, but they want someone else to find the way for them.

I think that people have lost sight of what success really is. It’s not about just being rich or famous; it’s about dedicating yourself to something worthwhile and then putting in the time to see it through. It’s about working your way through the obstacles and making yourself better so that you can do or make something great. They want to pass over what Arnold names as the most important rule of all: nothing worthwhile is gained without a lot of hard work.

“None of my rules of success,” he says, “will work unless you do.”

When it comes to success — no matter the area or subject it is applied to — I think we need to follow Arnold’s advice and just get back to the basics of what it means to dedicate yourself to something and then work hard and be creative until you have accomplished it to the best of your ability.

“You can’t climb the ladder of success with your hands in the pockets.”                                       ~Arnold Schwarzenegger~

Quote of the Day

I will come right out and say, I love good quotes, especially about writing. Such being the case, allow me to warn you in advance: many of my posts will most likely feature or derive from some random quote that I took a fancy to that week. 😉


This probably sums up almost every urge to write that I have ever had.

How many times while reading have you come across a small jewel of a thought that stuck with you and made you think, “It would be cool if someone took that concept and took it farther, or maybe in a totally different direction. Someone should write that story.”

The good news is, you thought of it, possibly before anyone else. The question is, what are you gonna do with it? I mean really, you thought of it, so who better to carry on with it than its originator? Who knows better how this story should go than you, the person who is right now wishing it into existence? If you are a writer, you have been given a gift and an opportunity that would be a shame to squander. You have the chance to create something that no one else can make, because no one else can write like you.


There comes a point for every person when they start to think about their life. They think about where they’ve been, what they’ve done, and where they’re going. At some point along this thought process, they should start to realize that, whether for the better or the worse, their life did not happen the way they thought it would when they were a kid.

No matter who you are, you can most likely look back and find at least one small thing that childhood you wanted to do or be that just never happened. Yes life happens. Yes, it’s probably a good thing that older you realized that becoming Batman or a princess wasn’t the most realistic of aspirations. But there is always that one thing that you wish you had done but just didn’t have time for in the end.

True, I, personally, have not quite reached the age of looking back on things that can now never be, but what about when I do? What will I one day look back on to find that I got busy with life and just never got around to doing it?

Along this line of thinking, I realized that the one thing that I would most hate to lose into that time abyss is my writing.

Starting as a pastime and evolving into an obsession, creating stories has been a large part of my life throughout my teens and to present day. It was something I cared about greatly and my biggest hope was to someday have a published work. But, with graduation came things like full-time jobs, bills, rent, and all the other fun responsibilities that come with adulthood and, over the last few years, writing has begun to take more and more or a sideline.

This blog is my hopeful attempt to not allow my writing to disappear from my life. I believe it is too important to me to let “life happen” without it. So, I am beginning this venture with the hope that it will help me to keep it there, in some form at least. I hope that those of you who come with me on this venture will be able to glean some inspiration for some of your own projects, or just some enjoyment from the various topics that I find to explore.